Yogasth Kuru Karmani – State of Yoga

That coming into a state of Yoga or Yogasth state you do all action, whether they are material action, the action you do in a world. or internal action that you do for your own sake, for your own soul, for your meditation, for your peace of mind, etc..

Yogasth Kuru Karmani
Yogasth Kuru Karmani

Dependent on external products

We people are very much dependent on today’s external product.

for example, until unless he takes a coffee every two hours, he can not work in the office. or he is a chain smoker, a cigarette is his life now, he can not remain without a cigarette until unless he takes one or two cigarettes he can not work or he can not behave properly.

He/she is very much dependent on Facebook, Whatsapp, tv, tea and so many other things.

Deeksha in Rishikesh

Dependent on internal products

And not only these external products only, sometimes we are dependent on a subtle level, an abstract level on our internal product.

for example, he is by nature very angry, very irritating if you say something to him be aware because he can misunderstand and he will become angry or don’t say anything he is very touchy, he will start weeping, he is very emotional

Yogasth Kuru Karmani

Kriya Kundalini Yoga in Rishikesh

Why we are depending on internal & external products?

Actually the human is all the time trying to come into a balance.this is what we are not understanding and to try to come into balance he is not knowing what to do? and that is why either he is going and depending on the external products or internal products. but the efforts are to come into balance.

Yogasth Kuru Karmani
Yogasth Kuru karmani

Why we need a Yogasth Kriya?

In Yogasth Kriya, Yogasth itself means coming into balance, live in the harmony, live in equilibrium so that is what most necessary today that you must learn, you must know what is being Yogasth? how to come into that state of the Yogasth? so that you can not be dependent on whether the bad, evil, internal products or external products.

you learn something and you start living upon them The Yogasth Kriyas. So you can learn it you can definitely reach the height of life

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