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Past Life Regression is a dynamic approach that helps in accessing and recalling the reflections of this life or past lives in order to have an appreciative and thoughtful understanding of some physical, emotional disorders which are at times very unsolvable and very difficult to describe. Past life regression helps us to have an understanding of certain relationships that are intense and truly emotional but very troublesome at times. The evident notion behind this popular and effective practice is that reincarnation happens and subsists.

PLR(specially Kriya Pratiprasav Sadhna is an effective form of meditative healing in which individuals are taken back through time to their previous lives or incarnations by accessing memories and experiences hidden in their subconscious /unconsious minds.

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Past Life Regression in Rishikesh

PLR helps to :

Come face to face with your karmic self.

Reconnect with your past lives experiences and memories.

Identify your physical ailments which may be remnants of your past life experiences.

know and remove your negative patterns from your past lives.

Get rid of your fears, phobias and many other unexplained issues and events and repetitive situations from your present life.

Understand the relationships in which you are and the people around you.


Past Life Regression is based on the principle of cause and effect more appropriately known as law of karma.


is a spiritual training based program and a useful science of self transformation. Two main courses are : 1.Science of soul, reincarnation,karma and PLR. Its a two days course in person in groups. Also the course is available online (8 to 10 hours) on different days. 2. Advanced PLR healer course. Its a 4/5 days course in person in group.

Note : for more details kindly visit DEVAETERNALYOGA.com

Kriya Kundalini Yoga in Rishikesh
kriya Kundalini yoga

A powerful system of higher yogic and meditative kriyas best suited for modern times which promises

Perfect health     Peace of mind    Blissful living   

The Kriya Yoga , Kundalini Yoga and other branches of yoga are independently recognized and taught all over the world .Yogi Buddhadeva , the propounder and expounder of Sri Yogasth Vidya—the Supreme science of yoga and the ultimate key to bring out the infinite and unfold the powerful being within you . He brings to the people of this age the science of Kriya Kundalini Yoga which is the main pillar of Sri Yogasth Vidya also known as Dev Kriyas . He has formulated many meditative and yogic kriyas & made them simple enough for people to assimilate in their lives . Yogi Buddhadeva is known as Kriya Creator Yogi and is an encyclopedia of spirituality in Himself . By amalgamating the scientific , meditative practices from various spiritual realms like Veda ,Upnishads , Tantra , Kriya-yoga , Kundalini Yoga , Raja Yoga etc. & the direct revelation to him in his deep meditative states , THE SCIENCE OF KRIYA KUNDALINI YOGA IS PRESENTED FOR THE PEOPLE LIVING IN PRESENT CHALLENGING TIME. Now the Teacher Training Course in Kriya Kundalini Yoga is brought to aspiring students to become the authentic teacher in this very science and spread the knowledge and wisdom to the world . This course is divided into 3-5 levels for the effective evolution of the students . He keeps updating and modifying the practices for highest benefit of mankind of this era .

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Kriya Kundalini Yoga Initiation is one of the main deeksha , Yogi Buddhadeva gives to his sadhakas(students) . Kriya Kundalini Yoga is essentially a science of transforming consciousness , perceptions ,normal understanding and unfolding the potentials within you . Kriya Kundalini Yoga Initiation is a must and indispensable spiritual ceremony for everyone on this path & brings a sustained , guided and protected evolution & transformation of one’s consciousness and other changes so that the sadhaka can withstand the activations & awakening of chakras and kundalini energy while maintaining the normal life rhythems.

This Kriya Kundalini Yoga Initiation happens twice a year:-


  • It facilitates living spontaneously to the fullest and fulfilling your desires in light of divine desires
  • When wisdom awakens clarity of thought and vision comes
  • WILL becomes strong, you come to an ease of life and live effortlessly
  • Science of raising human consciousness which implies
  • Awakening of Wisdom
  • Development of Potentials
  • Development of Creativity
  • Development of Skills.
  • Aims directly for
  • Raising one’s awareness
  • Opening psychic centers(chakras)
  • Bringing healing effect to the mind and body
  • Helping the practitioner to realize his own self
  • Most scientific technique for the evolution of mankind and save humanity from misfortune and destruction
  • Nice amalgamation of Karma, Jnana, Bhakti and Dhyana Yoga for the blissful life and spiritual growth of human beings
  • Essence of all the schools of yoga and is different and unique in its own way
  • Science of higher yoga, or we can also say that it is the science of Soul
  • Fastest and surest way for self realization

Learn Kriya Kundalini Yoga online with our teacher :-

  • It is the second best option to learn this science. The best way is to learn it in person because of the live energy transfer(Biofeedback) between teacher and student
  • One of our teachers will take a personal class/group class with the student on Skype
  • This will be an Interactive class in which teacher and student will interact with each other
  • Both way communication facilitate clearing of doubts and thus results in better grasp of the subject
  • All you need is a Laptop, phone or tablet using which you can communicate with teacher
  • All classes are live classes because a prerecorded video can never be a replacement of a live teacher
Sri Sumedha Shakti kriya

Empower your mind - Boost up your brain

Sumedha Shakti Sadhna as revealed and propounded by Yogi Buddhadeva is a scientific yogic technique comprising of modified pranayama, meditation and other kriyas for the Youth of today especially students and professionals. By practicing this kriya one can boost up one’s brainpower, oxygenate the brain cells (neurons)at the optimum levels and can charge the whole nervous system with pranic energy. This specially designed meditative technique/kriya brings harmony and functional balance in both hemispheres of the brain. An average student can emerge into a highly brilliant student because it is a spiritual as well as scientific sadhna.

This wonderful and enlightening course is divided into 3 levels.

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Sri Sumedha Shakti Kriya in Rishikesh

This Yogic kriya brings if practiced regularly, multifold increase in memory, intelligence, concentration and boosts up the confidence in the practitioner. It is a great tool in the hands of students and professionals to ensure extraordinary success in academic and competitive exams. By practicing this kriya one can easily get rid of certain bad habits like smoking, alcoholism, drugs and such other addictive problems/evils. The practitioner can overcome various mental maladies and negativities of life like fear, anger, over sensuality, depression, frustration, and emotional blockages. Sumedha kriya is a great tool for attaining the goal of sound body and sound mind and a state of perennial inner equilibrium.

Deeksha—Attunement/ Initiation in Rishikesh

Deeksha is a special ceremony in which a Guru initiates a student to evolve and empowers him/her to unfold his potentials to move in the direction of his very purpose in life. Also, a particular Deeksha graces one to have those power, wisdom, and tools needed most by the student. An accomplished master or Guru transfers the energy and impacts the consciousness of the student to follow the path to realize his goal/ purpose. Deeksha is actually a ritualized blessing to the student by the Guru.

Yogi Buddhadev in his meditative state conceived and created many deekshas/attunement as per the direction from highest consciousness as revealed to him.

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Yogi Buddhadeva, over the period of time, has devised many spiritual and mystic Attunements to empower the students to transform their consciousness and give direction to their energies to give Desired Effects. Yogi believes that Deeksha is a spiritual key to unlock the doors of many possibilities..


(Higher vibrational sound healing)

Sound is the primary source of energy of the universe. We call it Brahmnaad. Sound heals us in all aspects of our being physical, mental ,emotional and spiritual. Sound is used in various cultures all over the world for thousands of years as a tool for healing. Music and many of the musical instruments are great tools of healing. Mantras, specially Sanskrit mantras are very powerful and efficient in providing healing, peace and harmony. Sound healing at a deeper level creates harmony in our whole being. Sounds of mantras and music with their vibrational effects bring shifts in our brain wave patterns and synchronise our fluctuating brain waves by providing a stable frequency which the brain waves can attune to.

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Higher Vibrational Sound Healing - Naad Spanddan Kriya Shakti in Rishikesh

Many of Sanskrit mantras and other mantras of mystic and occult nature that are used in Naad Brahm Spanddan Kriya Shakti enable us to reach higher levels of meditative (theta and delta state where the great internal healing can happen )states. Not only this Spanddan Kriya is one of the highest Yogasth Kriyas to develop one's spiritual potentials and Samadhi states but also a great healing modality. Basic and advanced courses are available.

Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Divine Energy Life Coaching

Divine energy life coaching also is known as Yogasth life coaching is a unique training program for individuals to develop one’s potentials, sharpen one’s skills, and talents and manage one’s life more effectively. Life coaching as we know is gaining currency worldwide as more and more people are seeking excellence in one or more areas of life. No doubt modern life coaching methods help one reach one’s goals, gain clarity in life about what you want and of course provide tools to get it also. One becomes more aware and confident too to move in direction one desires. And there are many categories of life coaching available today to serve for different purposes like a job, family, health, relationships, etc.

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Life coaches definitely guide or coach one using well tested external methods of motivation, planning and other practical tools to boost confidence, improve personality to a great extent and achieve one’s goals in various fields of worldly life.

Success is what they call is attainable come what may if you properly follow the life coaching programs. It's true to a great extent. But something is missing. And the missing link is Soul Orientation. In Divine Energy Life Coaching soul is given the pivot place. Soul energy, karma, samskar, kundalini, prana, etc. are of primary concern. An inner grooming in accordance with one’s samskaars, deep down desires, karma, and an overall soul agenda are taken into consideration. How one achieves one’s external goals while maintain equipoise staying in bliss and in the truth of one’s soul. Krishna was the greatest coach to Arjuna helping him to remove his ignorance, fears, insecurities and empowering him to fight the battle of life maintaining equanimity. He taught “do all action in the state of yoga”; “ yogasth kuru karmaani”. Divine Energy Life Coaching is an absolute and complete life coaching program of its own kind as conceived and devised by Yogi Buddhadeva who blends practical wisdom of spirituality with modern tools of life coaching helping one manage one’s life, career, business, personality, relationship, purpose of life in the light of higher wisdom and soul realization. Some segments of coaching are listed below

Personal as well as group life coaching training programs are available .One may become a self coach as well as a professional divine energy life coach to others also.


and many more customized segments