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Nurturing is natural in Consciousness-Energy. The five elements –Ether, Air, Fire, Earth, and  Water have been nurturing the Universe since the formation of the cosmos. Ours, Mother Earth has been nurturing life in so many forms that we can never pay the debt of her unconditional love. The five elements formed nature that gave birth to live on Earth.

The evolution of life from viruses to humans also occurred in nature. Thus the human race owes its existence to the will of God to create a form of life that can hold the highest consciousness within it.


The human body is made up of five elements that must stay in balance for us to be truly healthy. The entire human race the world overtook up the family culture organized on basis of an interacting social structure. In this system being mostly followed, there are blood relationships given by God based on our previous karma and there are all the remaining relationships that are created by our conditioning of the mind as of now. The blood relationships ensure that we have at least a family to nurture us till we are capable of forming a new family by our efforts.



I too was at this stage of my evolution where my spiritual family was extending at a fast pace. As I helped, healed, and evolved people –some of them stayed on in life for a very long time. A healee of mine in early 2008 was the main person responsible for making me a more proactive, outward & extrovert spiritual guide. I met Guruji because of the same person. One person, circumstance, and effort led to the other and I was healing a number of people now.


Yogi Buddhadeva

Guruji’s ashram in Mohali was going on the path of progression as well. Guruji met my father’s brother, Sh. Deepak Mittal in Bangkok—Deepak tau had established the international businesses of the Aditya Birla Group. Deepak tau was going through some health issues which were resolved by Guruji. The pregnancy of Deepak tau’s daughter-in-law was healed by Guruji as well. I feel a lot of us make the mistake of not developing Viveka of choosing our relationships wisely, investing in nurturing connections, and avoid those people who are harmful.

This happens because of a false sense of duty in our perception. Our duty must be only to our soul-energy and all those things that take us towards the purpose of our birth. But instead, we remain attached to elements within us or outside us, who play the role of harming the very reason we took birth for.

Yogi Buddhadeva

The day God wants, such blood-sucking leeches leave our life or we move away from them. In the next blogs, I shall show you by example that when you do not care for your swadharma , The Creator brings in such circumstances the purpose of your life is the option you have.

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