I became a Reiki Grand-Master on 16 January 2009. Therefore I consider 16th January the day when my higher self got the first technical boost – The complete formal training in a spiritual discipline the first time.

It is therefore the formal birthday of the Kalki Ratna. Our lower self is the part of us that identifies with the ego—our name, family, career, and much more. Our higher self is the divinity within us that has taken form for a particular purpose & to bring out this purpose a specific personality is created, centering around an empty space that we call ego.



Being a Reiki Grandmaster turned my mind towards research to understand how to keep the lower self just for show & actually live life on basis of the higher self. In the culture being followed today the reverse is being done.



Matters of spirituality are dealt with according to the comfort level we have & our comfort level is determined by the lower self. When the lower self completely rules our life, we misuse all that power life has given us. If the higher self is too dominant we live in a world of dreams.


The important, difficult & necessary part is that you need to keep your ego & divinity in a good dynamic balance that makes you the king of the world. This brings me to a very related & life boosting fact. A lot of people spend their lifetime running behind the ego that always will want to cut you off from the Universe.



Ego appears before us in many attractive ways. Divinity is an inherent quality of the human race as we are aware of what we are doing. What we are doing, will eventually indicate why are we doing it? Once you understand why you take up a certain responsibility, it will help determine the soul-energy within you. 


Once the soul-energy is revealed to us, we go beyond Maya and there begins a lonely but powerful journey which seems to be endless. You have to move on passionately but with lots of patience. I have seen the very rare combination – a very active brain and a very relaxed mind in Yogi Buddhadeva.


To get more & more people to experience this delta stage, He has organized a talk on Yogic Psychology on 21st June 2020 on his youtube channel. You must understand just cutting vegetables and putting them in a pan does not cook food in the absence of fire. Similarly doing only yogic asanas only and not going deep into the philosophy of Yoga will only develop your ego more.

When you start going towards higher yogic methods you learn the whole purpose of Hatha Yoga is to prepare the body for Raja Yoga. It is never too late to begin.

Yogasth Vidya Rishikesh
Yogasth Vidya Rishikesh

yogasth vidya Rishikesh

Reiki in Rishikesh

Past life regression in Rishikesh

Kriya Kundalini Yoga in Rishikesh

Deeksha in Rishikesh

Life Coaching in Rishikesh

Sri Yogasth Vidya in Rishikesh

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