By Kalki Ratna


It would be so wonderful if the flow of everything in life would be as per our vasanas . The word “vasana” is grossly misunderstood, it refers to our driving desires of any kind.

We generally have no control over our thoughts. A single thought has to first defeat the competing thoughts of that time, the established thoughts in the mind and the new thoughts inspired by the being after it — to linger on in the brain. After the first victory, this thought has to catch the fancy of the thinking process, dominate the decision process, and find acceptance by the heart ministry .

Finally, then the thought will become a desire.   The newborn desire has to survive storms of destiny, will power and emotions to become a vasanaa . Thus you can imagine the force of a driving desire and if brakes of any kind are applied, the totally unwanted “BLOCKAGE” takes form.

We all want to get rid of any blockage in our lives. But the problem lies in the fact that each person has a different wish and therefore the concept of blockages is different according to the nature of a person.


After becoming a Reiki Master, the level at which I was living got elevated from within. The growth of consciousness within me started making the world outside me more prosperous, blissful, and forceful.

But the old patterns of thinking, emotional responses, hormonal situation, body capacity, and karma were proving to be blockages for the wonderful world waiting for me. Since the connection of nerves in the brain had to be changed to hold the new consciousness, more & more energy flowed to the central nervous system.

The brain and spinal were not used to this amount of power flowing through it, so the pains and trouble started. My response at that time was of a typical Leo – I decided to bear the pains without taking any medicine.


Yogi Buddhadeva much later started teaching the science of kundalini in his own innovative way after completing 12 years of his own practice. The system he developed was very safe as the practices involved prepared the body, mind, life, and relationships of the person for the awakening of the great power within.

kundalini yoga
kundalini yoga


The body must be made more muscular, flexible, and balanced in all ways. The mind must be ready for a manthan as the perceptions goes on changing as you keep ascending to higher realms in the subtle energy system. Life must include the management of the divinity rising within you.


purification to remove all negativities and a  deep desire for self-realization must be there. Your relationships must become more practical, soothing, and stabilizing. Surrendering yourself at the holy feet of Yogi Buddhadeva is the best way to make the most of your life, energy, and time.

Yogasth Vidya Rishikesh
Yogasth Vidya Rishikesh

yogasth vidya Rishikesh

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