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Divine energy life coaching also is known as Yogasth life coaching is a unique training program for individuals to develop one’s potentials, sharpen one’s skills, and talents and manage one’s life more effectively. Life coaching as we know is gaining currency worldwide as more and more people are seeking excellence in one or more areas of life. No doubt modern life coaching methods help one reach one’s goals, gain clarity in life about what you want and of course provide tools to get it also. One becomes more aware and confident too to move in direction one desires. And there are many categories of life coaching available today to serve for different purposes like a job, family, health, relationships, etc. Life coaches definitely guide or coach one using well tested external methods of motivation, planning and other practical tools to boost confidence, improve personality to a great extent and achieve one’s goals in various fields of worldly life.

Success is what they call is attainable come what may if you properly follow the life coaching programs. It's true to a great extent. But something is missing. And the missing link is Soul Orientation. In Divine Energy Life Coaching soul is given the pivot place. Soul energy, karma, samskar, kundalini, prana, etc. are of primary concern. An inner grooming in accordance with one’s samskaars, deep down desires, karma, and an overall soul agenda are taken into consideration. How one achieves one’s external goals while maintain equipoise staying in bliss and in the truth of one’s soul. Krishna was the greatest coach to Arjuna helping him to remove his ignorance, fears, insecurities and empowering him to fight the battle of life maintaining equanimity. He taught “do all action in the state of yoga”; “ yogasth kuru karmaani”. Divine Energy Life Coaching is an absolute and complete life coaching program of its own kind as conceived and devised by Yogi Buddhadeva who blends practical wisdom of spirituality with modern tools of life coaching helping one manage one’s life, career, business, personality, relationship, purpose of life in the light of higher wisdom and soul realization. Some segments of coaching are listed below

Personal as well as group life coaching training programs are available .One may become a self coach as well as a professional divine energy life coach to others also.


and many more customized segments