What is Past Life Regression

What is Past Life Regression?

Regression means to go back. To understand what term-Past Life means, a few spiritual facts need to be put together. Time is easily divided into three parts. The absolute present, the future full of realities born out of karma we are involved in & the entire time period before the present moment. In Past Life Regression(PLR), past life includes the entire journey of the eternal soul before the present moment.

past life Regression

Subconscious Mind and Past Life Regression

The unconscious mind / subconscious mind contains the memories of our entire past life. During past life regression, the client is made to read the subconscious mind using the conscious mind.  To do so first we must interview the client, closely observe everything about the person & be able to identify the character structure of the client.

past life Regression

Next, we prepare the client for Past Life Regression by giving suitable spiritual guidance, making his/her mind receptive to receive information from the deepest parts of the mind & identifying the core issue to be addressed in the PLR session.

This is followed by induction, wherein the person is taken to the border of the awakened state & the sleepy state. At this stage information relevant to the client is revealed by the unconscious mind & verbalized/indicated using the conscious mind.

Past Life Memories

The knowledge being received is understood by the Past Life Regression facilitator for locating the lifetime that has emerged. The past life memories are processed, sum total of the learning from the session is seen & discussed with the client. PLR can be done by diagnosis based method or a hypnosis based technique.

past life Regression

The method adopted will depend on the kind of soul whose journey is being studied – baby, infant, young, mature, old, transcendental, or infinite. Other factors that influence past life Regression are whether the person is love-based or fear-based, has a positive mindset or a negative approach, the psychological patterns of the person & the techniques that can give the best results.

past life Regression facilitator is a healer

Besides understanding issues of the past in the present lifetime —  the previous lifetimes, the life between lifetimes, the time in the womb can be revealed. It is mentioned in most of the major spiritual books. It is better if the past life Regression facilitator is a healer, knowledgeable in techniques that can develop the potentials of a person, highly intuitive & has a well-modulated voice.

past Life Regression Session
past life Regression

past life Regression session

An idea of the sleep cycle is also a help in maintaining the trance of the client. As I summarise the article on past life Regression, please keep in mind that it is the sadhana for past life Regression facilitator. The client must also adopt the learning from the past life Regression session & make it a part of his/her life.

Karma Kriya Kundalini Yoga
past life Regression

past life Regression is like the rearview mirror of a car. It tells you something about the karmic baggage you are carrying so that you can move ahead in life with greater ease.

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