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By Kalki Ratna

Healing Attunement is a three-day intense symbols based process that makes the sub-conscious mind fertile and plants the seeds which bring shubhta to our being, our life, and our endeavors.

The demands of the business, the weakness within me due to the change of perception within me, and the challenging circumstances made life very overwhelming.

Yogi Buddhadeva had once taught me that if due to testing circumstances we run away from certain challenges of life, those examinations being taken by God will have to be given again & again till we pass the test of character with flying colors.


To the extent those people who commit suicide thinking that it is a means of escape, they will face the same in the next births till they learn how to rise above such circumstances. Life is tough from the very beginning.

Yogasth Vidya Rishikesh


Even the relationship of Reality and Illusion, God and Maya are the same. My seeing the dream of choosing this house was to tell me the reality that this house is my karmabhoomi . Similarly Maya or the illusion of the world as we perceive it is a medium to do karma so that we become worthy of reaching out to the Creator who had made us, the world, and the mind. The mind can follow the diktats of Maya, the illusion created by how the mind perceives the world within it & around it. The mind has the other option of surrendering to soul-energy, where it can express all the potential God has given us. When we live our divinity fully, Maya dances at our tunes. Thus, my savior, Yogi Buddhadeva helped my soul to ascend enough to see the REALITY OF THE ILLUSION.

Yogasth Vidya Rishikesh
Yogasth Vidya Rishikesh


The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed the world and made everyone aware of the presence of a more divinity based life as the main medicine to save humanity . We all are looking  for immunity of any kind from disease , financial problems and social dilemmas . Back in 2008 towards the end , my ability to stand headaches without medicine kept on increasing . Yoga was an important part of my life and it kept my body , the subtle energy system and the antahakaran in the best possible state under the prevailing conditions of inner transformation .

Bhakti Yoga

God has been my main immunity. Bhakti Yoga makes you aware of the potential the Creator has given us all. Only when we express this gift the divine has given that the purpose of life is fulfilled. Keeping the purpose of your birth active, alive, and powerful is the only immunity from depression. Sadly, today depression has become a life-style. Only when an actor like Late Sushant Singh Rajput dies, do we become serious about the pandemic of depression which is far more dangerous than COVID -19.

Yogi Buddhadeva

Depression has been given so much acceptance by society that if someone is genuinely happy all the time, he is considered to be a super-hero. The ups and downs I have gone through would have killed me by now but my will–power has been my greatest immunity. Learning from Yogi Buddhadeva will bring out the most powerful person you can be.

Yogi Buddhadeva
Yogasth Vidya Rishikesh
Yogasth Vidya Rishikesh

yogasth vidya Rishikesh

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