Past Life Regression
Past Life Regression


Next Online batch Will Be Held On:

Date: Saturday 11th July, 2020
Time: Evening 7 PM IST
Class duration: 1 – 1.5 hrs
Total Classes: 5-6Location: Online
Language: Hindi
Days: Once a week on Saturdays

  • Energy Exchange Fee:
    • For New Students: Rs 15,000/ USD 300
    • For Repeaters: Rs 5000/ USD 100

For further details, send a WhatsApp message to
Shiwani: 8557861163


This is a ‘Basic’ Online Course on Science of Spirituality, Reincarnation, Karma and Past Life Regression.


To get familiar with

  • The Science of Spirituality,
  • The Science/reason behind Reincarnation and purpose of Reincarnation,
  • Learning all about Karma
    • Different types of karma
    • Law of Karma
    • How Karma Operates?
    • etc…
  • Get rid of your negative behavior patterns, fears, phobias and many unexplained events of your life like health issues and repetitive situations, etc
  • Understand your relationships with people around you, your close ones and your distant ones
  • You will come to know the bigger purpose of your life and the many facts and secrets will be revealed as you go through the course
  • Know the science of Past Life Regression so that you can come face to face with yourself.
  • and many more…


This course is for anyone and everyone.

This will help them to handle the upcoming questions in their spiritual journey in a better way by understanding above mentioned concepts.

This course is a gateway to spiritual life and also a first step in becoming a ‘Past Life Regression‘ Practitioner i.e. people doing this course can later join ‘Past Life Regression Advanced‘ course to become a ‘Past Life Regression‘ Practitioner.

But even if you are not planning to be a Past Life Regression practitioner, you can still join this course for better understanding your life and above said aims.


This course is conducted by ‘Yogi BuddhaDeva‘, the Urban Yogi as he is popularly known, simplifying spirituality he propounds and teaches SRI YOGASTH VIDYA, SRI SANJIVINI KRIYA SHAKTI, SRI KRIYA KUNDALINI YOGA, KRIYA PRATI PRASAV SADHA, ETERNAL YOGA, and many SPIRITUAL SCIENCES in his own pragmatic style. A multifarious personality, YOGI BUDDHADEVA is a prolific speaker and teacher of sciences like Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing, Reincarnation, and karma, Past Life Regression, Life Coaching, etc. He is full of life, vigor, and eternal bliss. In his classes and sessions, he takes you on a journey of HIGHER AWARENESS with laughter, joy, and wisdom. It will be a divine blessing to the students who are having a chance to come into contact with him.

Yogi BuddhaDeva


Kabira es sansaar main, sukh dukh sab ko hoye….
Gayaani kaate gayan se, Agayani Kate Roye…

So this course is a next step towards burning the fire of wisdom inside you…



Shiwani : 8557861163

yogasth Vidya Rishikesh : 8360657361



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