Guru Deeksha & Maha Satsang with Maha Guru Yogi Buddhadeva On “Guru Purnima”

Guru Deeksha: 3rd July (Monday) 2023
Class duration: 1 hr

Time: 7:00 P.M. (IST)

Initiation by Yogi Buddhadeva
Energy Exchange:  Rs 5100/ 80 USD
Location: Online (Zoom)
Language: Hindi / English
For further details, send a WhatsApp message to: +91- 8557861163


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Account holder’s name:- DEEPESH KUMAR GAUTAM

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Deeksha is a special ceremony in which a Guru initiates a student to evolve and empowers him/her to unfold his potentials to move in the direction of his very purpose in life. Also, a particular Deeksha graces one to have those power, wisdom, and tools needed most by the student. An accomplished master or Guru transfers the energy and impacts the consciousness of the student to follow the path to realize his goal/ purpose. Deeksha is actually a ritualized blessing to the student by the Guru.


Deeksha / initiation on Guru Purnima is a sacred, pious, and auspicious event in many traditions all over the world especially in India. Guru Purnima is a festival that is celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Ashadha (usually in July), to honor the spiritual teachers or “gurus” in one’s life.

During Guru Purnima, many spiritual seekers seek deeksha, or initiation, from their gurus. Deeksha is a Sanskrit word that means “initiation” or “blessing” and is a ceremony in which a spiritual teacher imparts to the student a particular mantra, practice, and/ or teaching that is designed to help the student progress on their spiritual path and evolve their awareness.

This initiation ceremony is considered to be a powerful, Spiritual, and transformative experience and creates a deep and lasting bond between the teacher and the student. It is believed that by receiving deeksha on Guru Purnima, an individual receives the blessings and guidance of his/her spiritual teacher, which definitely helps students/disciples overcome obstacles and attain spiritual growth, and work with wisdom, bliss, creativity, and live in YOGASTHTA


Yogi Buddhadeva is an energetic, young, and multidimensional personality. He is a self-realized spiritual MAHA GURU and an enlightened being. He is a dynamic and pragmatic teacher (Acharya) of his own kind and a yogi full of life, vigor, and eternal joy. Away from all sorts of traditional and ritualistic conventions, he is a yogi in the true sense best suited in the present turbulent age to awaken humanity from its slumber to rise to its spiritual nature. A Kriya Kundalini Yogi and an expert of Tantra he seems to lead a normal worldly life with a heightened inner awareness and bliss all the time…


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