Sri Yogasth Vidya Deeksha & Maha Satsang with Maha Guru Yogi Buddhadeva On “Yogasth Foundation Day” 5th march

on the upcoming foundation day, Sri Yogasth Vidya Maha Satsang and Sri Yogasth Vidya Deeksha will be conducted on 5th March 2024

Satsang and Deeksha: 5th March (Tuesday) 2024
Session duration: 1 hr

Time: 7:30 P.M. (IST)

Initiation by Yogi Buddhadeva
Donation:  min 1100 rs or more as per your soul’s choice
Location: Online (Zoom)
Language: Hindi / English
For further details, send a WhatsApp message to: +91- 8557861163


Account number:- 10721100000074
Account holder’s name:- YOGASTH FOUNDATION
Account Type: CURRENT
IFSC Code:- PSIB0021072

GPAY / PAYTM / PHONEPAY: +91-8968836963

For International Students:

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maximum students: 92


Deeksha is a special ceremony in which a Guru initiates a student to evolve in consciousness and empowers him/her to unfold his potentials to move in the direction of his very purpose in life. Also, a particular Deeksha graces one to have the power, wisdom, and tools needed most by the student. An accomplished master or Guru transfers the energy and impacts the student’s consciousness so that he/ she follows the path to realize his /her essential nature and purpose in life. Deeksha is a ritualized blessing to the student by the Guru.

Sri Yogasth Vidya Deeksha

Sri Yogasth Vidya Deeksha is one of the highest and most coveted Deekshas of spiritual tantric traditions. Sri yogasth vidya Deeksha enables a disciple, a student, to imbibe those samskaras and qualities in the deeper layers of the consciousness which help him/her to stay yogasth, calm, stable, to stay in equilibrium and balance. And not only that, by being established in the center of the soul, by being established in one’s essential nature, one is motivated to behave, to conduct, to act, in the outer world empowered by the soul’s power of peace, love, compassion, freedom, wisdom, fearlessness, and YOGASTHATA .
Sri Yogasth Vidya Deeksha is such a Deeksha that helps one to reach higher levels of spiritual dimensions. One is graced to live in harmony with himself/ herself and also in harmony with people around, with nature, with challenging situations, with different opposite circumstances and conditions favorable or unfavorable.

Sri Yogasth Vidya Maha Satsang

On this auspicious day, a maha satsang on Sri Yogasth Vidya is conducted where maha guru Yogi Buddhdeva will speak and explain about the Sri yogasth vidya. He will also talk about the Deeksha, the Sri Yogasth Vidya, what is yogasthata, what the benefits of yogasthata are, what is meant by being yogasth, what the culture of yogasthata is, who is eligible to tread the path of yogasthata, how to tread the path of yogasthata, what are the techniques and methods of reaching the state of yogasthata, and much more.
This maha satsang will enlighten the students on their spiritual path. Let’s join the maha satsang, and get initiated in the rare and much-coveted tantrik science of Sri yogasth vidya Deeksha


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