Sanjivini Kriya Shakti Healing Level 1 Online

Sanjivini Kriya Shakti Healing Level 1 Online Course Will Be Held On:

Date:  22nd July, and 24th July 2023
Time: 7 PM IST
Class duration: 2 hrs
Total Classes: 2
Energy Exchange Fee: Rs 21000/ USD 300

Fee For repeaters: 7000 / USD 100
Location: Online (Zoom)

Dates: July – 22nd(Saturday), 24th(Monday)

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 : +91-8557861163


Account number:- 005801016003
Account holder’s name:- DEEPESH KUMAR GAUTAM

Account Type: Savings

IFSC Code:- ICIC0001596

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Sanjivini Kriya Shakti Healing

It is the science of divine energy healing. Yogi Buddhadeva has brought the wisdom of tantras, Vedas, Upanishads, and esoteric higher sadhanas, with years of experience with healing modalities. Sri Sanivini Kriya Shakti heals at karmic levels – the root of all issues in life. Therefore Doshas(the fill-in-the-blanks) of life are removed from their origin. This makes the journey of life a road above all problems and challenges like a flyover journey. Sri Sanjivini Kriya Shakti makes life full of health, harmony, bliss, and abundance. Sanjivini Kriya Shakti is taught in different levels to the sadhakas. One can become a siddha of Sanjivini Kirya Shakti after completing all the levels.

sanjivini kriya shakti healing level 1

What is Sanjivini Kriya Shakti?

Sanjivini is a life-transforming divine healing method popularly known as Kriya Reiki. We understand the workings of the Karmic world and the role of removing the seeds of negative karma sown by a person in his soul journey. This helps you become aware, active, powerful, have a miraculous mind, gain emotional equilibrium, and overall balance on all the elements that together make up life. When this happens the blockages in life will wither away and a solution will come and help us move on. In short, we will continue moving on in life which is the most basic need of a person. Sri Sanjivini Kriya Shakti thus changes our mindset from within making us a solution-based persona rather than a complainer. It brings out the abilities that we never knew about ourselves – to burn our past karmas, and karmic illness and overcome unwanted situations. Let’s explore this science in the presence of Yogi Buddhadeva ‘s Divine energy, teachings, and loving guidance.

Sanjivini Kriya Shakti has different levels. The first level is necessary for any Sadhak to get entry into the world of Sanjivini and become familiar with the mechanism of divine energy healing and become an emphatic and effectual healer. The rest of the levels of higher sadhana are taken up as one progresses in the spiritual journey and becomes a Siddha…..


This course is for anyone and everyone, who wants to be trained to become a Sanjivini healer.


Our spiritual teacher “MAHA GURU Yogi BuddhaDeva

Yogasth Vidya Rishikesh
Yogasth Vidya Rishikesh


Shiwani : 8557861163

yogasth Vidya Rishikesh : 8360657361



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