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Reiki & Karma

Healing brings a change in a lot of ways that helps us survive bad times, gain greater success in good times & have strength at all times. In the journey of life, Reiki is a good friend & karma is the path.



Karma as a path is like a journey to Mount Everest – you may come across easy roads, forests, mountains & many challenges. Reiki is like a guide who can make the journey as easy, successful & blissful as possible.

Reiki Symbols

Reiki can do so because it is cosmic wisdom. Also, Reiki with its symbols whose power increases with every jump in level gives protection which is always there for us. When the cosmic wisdom purifies our mind , we can be more aware of the world outside & the world within us.


Healing Energy

Knowing ourselves better we can take balanced decisions & improve the energy which makes us do karma. Thus our karma is more refined. As our karma gets more divine with the increasing practice of Reiki, more & more healing energy is available to be drawn by the healee.

Reiki Holistic Healing

Hence a positive circle of holistic healing begins, whose diameter only widens with time. Those who do not cultivate Reiki & believe in Karma only will succeed but after a lot of unnecessary faults, misconceptions & struggle. Our faults happen due to conditioning of mind in the wrong way.

Reiki and Karma

Reiki first deconditions you that helps in awakening soul power & reconditions to be a source of healing. This healing guides every karma & makes it more & more guided by God. A divinely guided karma will make life more awesome, take you to a higher consciousness & lays the basis of further refined karma.

Reiki and Aura

Our aura carries all impressions of everything our consciousness has experienced to date. A lot of these impressions are unrequired, some are blockages & others can bring negativity into our life.

Reiki purifies the aura, makes it lighter & empowers it as per the needs of today. A strong, protective & dynamic aura will give us clarity of mind, resoluteness in action & self-discipline in the way we express ourselves.

Karmic Debt

The karmic debt we carry is the primary source of challenges in our path. As the karmic burden reduces the amount of struggle in life become less. Healing also influences the karmic blockages, makes us aware of our weakness & helps in reducing the karmic debt.


So the choice is yours –If you love being in trouble then carry on the way you are now but if you want to convert challenges into opportunity, karma into kriya & fear-based life to a bliss-based life then become a healer. Reiki is the fastest, surest & one of the most popular ways to become a Healer.

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