Psychic Attack & Ancestral Karmic Energy Healing By Yogi Buddhadeva

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Language: Hindi / English

Two-Day Workshop : 30th may 2023(Tuesday) 31st may 2023(Wednesday)

Time: 7 P.M. (I.S.T) (2 hours )

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Psychic Attack & Ancestral Karmic Energy Healing

the whole world is said to be the play of energy. Energy is all around us. Energy is everything. Everything is made of energy. We, humans, are also beings of energy.

We humans have a psyche i.e. we are made of various energies of emotions, feelings, beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, habits, behaviors, and karmas…And whenever there is an assault, strike, or say ATTACK of any kind on our psyche it is known as a PSYCHIC ATTACK.

In this workshop, the students will come to know all about PSYCHIC ATTACK and will also have the opportunity to know the methods and techniques to prevent, defend, and manage different kinds of PSYCHIC ATTACKS, they will also learn tools of healing PSYCHIC ATTACK and Ancestral Karmic Energy Healing and lot more…………………………………………………

Psychic Attack Workshop by Yogi Buddhadeva


Anybody above the age of 18 and having a general understanding to comprehend the subject


Yogi Buddhadeva is an energetic, young and multidimensional personality. He is a self-realized spiritual guru and an enlightened being. He is a dynamic and pragmatic teacher (Acharya) of its own kind and a yogi full of life, vigor and eternal joy. Away from all sorts of traditional and ritualistic conventions, he is a yogi in the true sense best suited in this turbulent age to awaken humanity from its slumber and rise to its spiritual nature. A Kriya Kundalini Yoga expert and expounder and propounder of SRI YOGASTH VIDYA he seems to lead a normal worldly life with a heightened inner awareness and bliss all the time..His call to humanity is to be YOGASTH.



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