Psycho-spiritual Approach: Understanding and Managing Psychic Attacks (International)

Date and Time:

February 4, 2021 6:05 pm - 8:15 pm

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Online, Zoom

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Highlights Of The Workshop:

  •  What are psychic attacks?
  •  Symptoms of psychic attacks.
  •  Physical, Mental, Emotional, Behavioral, Filial impairments/ effects of psychic attacks?
  •  Various faces and types of psychic attacks.
  •  Who is more prone to psychic attacks?
  •  Psychic Attacker: Who and Why?
  •  Karmic Records and psychic attacks.
  •  Self psychic attack due to unmanaged Kundalini energy.
  •  Management of psychic attacks: Protection using Yog, Tantra, Energy Healing methods, and other spiritual practices and Psychological tools and techniques.
  •  Add-on benefit: You will be learning some Special Mudras and Mantras as a shield against psychic attack.

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